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space_centre riii

National Space Centre + Richard III Tour + £35


Golf + £37.50

tobog brewery

Brewery Tour & Tobogganing + £35

Friday Night

Darts Championship

Saturday Night

Saturday Gala Dinner

Athena is a truly amazing building and Leicester’s most stunning venue

There is no better venue in Leicester or the East Midlands to hold the 50th Games awards dinner. Our dedicated and experienced team will ensure things run smoothly and to time. A perfect mix of inspiring Art Deco architecture and state-of-the-art technology ensures this will be one your guests remember.

Originally designed in 1936 by Robert Arthur Bullivant as an Odeon Cinema, the venue represented one of the largest, most extravagant buildings within the region comprising of simply one screen seating over 3000 guests. It was then subdivided into 4 screens in the 60s and remained closed throughout much of the 90s.

The building has now been restored to its former glory, and as Athena retains its original art deco splendour, along with its reputation for being the leading venue within the region.

As a landmark building situated within the cultural quarter of the city centre, Athena combines original features such as its exceptional acoustic insulation with state of the art technology, ideal for our needs. Centrally located within reach of all major road, rail and air networks, Athena boasts a capacity of over 120 to 1500 guests with free Wi-Fi throughout, making the facility amongst the largest and most flexible in the Midlands.


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